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Hrithik Roshan was a madman wife so did her husband do this sensational work

A very shocking case has come out of the United States, knowing about which will really make you cry. An Indian-born man murdered his wife just because she liked film actor Ritik Roshan. After the murder, he hanged himself. This incident happened in Queens, America.

According to the report, Dineshwar, 33, killed his 27-year-old wife, Donne Doje, with a knife. The wife was a bar tender. Later, the husband hanged himself by hanging from a tree. US police are currently investigating the incident.

Hrithik was a fan of Roshan's wife.

Malaika Ram Dhaani, a friend of the couple, said that she was a big fan of Ritik Roshan's bait. Whenever she used to listen to Hrithik's movies or songs, her husband fought her best. "She used to tell me that whenever she heard Ritika's songs at home, her husband was angry and immediately told her to shut up," she said. Ram Dhani further said that every movie of Doojit Ritik wanted to be seen.

Image for representation. (Reuters / Peter Nicholls)

Closed the door when killing ...

According to the report, the couple was living apart from her husband. Later, when she agreed not to watch Ritik's films and songs, she resumed living with her husband. However, one evening Dineshwar texted his wife's sister saying that he had killed her. At the same time, he said he had put the key to the house underneath the rug. After that, he hung himself on a tree nearby and hanged himself.

According to the New York Daily, there had been a dispute between the couple since the wedding. Daneshore used to tell his friends that he could not control his anger.

According to the New York Daily, there had been a dispute between the two wives and their husbands since the marriage. US police are investigating the case.

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